Thank you for taking an interest in our farm.. The farm under various owners and names has existed for over 300 and is considered by the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture to be a New Hampshire Farm of Distinction (we proudly display the sign at the entry to our farm market). We are committed to keeping it a working farm organized around the principles of organic growing and to maintain the character and history of the place. We renamed the farm, Sweet Hill Farm, after Sweet Hill Road as this was the original northern boundary of the farm. Sweet Hill Road, legend has it, got its name during colonial times as wagons often hauled molasses overland along the main “stage road” or County Road connecting Newburyport Massachusetts to Concord New Hampshire. While passing through Plaistow, one of the barrels of molasses began to leak, leaving a sugary trail over what has hitherto been known as the Sweet Hill. We have no idea if the legend is true but we like the story and we are sticking with it.

Farms are a major contributor to New Hampshire character and quality of life, what we look like, what it feels like to live here and our mission is a simple one:  Preserve this beautiful and historic farm for future generations to enjoy. We are extremely grateful to all those who continue to support our efforts on the farm and consider it a privilege to be the next in line to continue the tradition of the families who have come before us by preserving this farm for the enjoyment of all who visit and all who call this area home. We look forward to welcoming you to this beautiful and historic New Hampshire farm.

Dan and Theresa Kane
John and Caitlin Reppenhagen
Larry and Kim Kostiew

“…….but I preferred life in New Hampshire. I preferred the culture, the landscape, the relative solitude. I’ve always loved it.“

Donald Hall