Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), was pioneered by biodynamic farmers bringing European biodynamic farming ideas to the United States in the early 1980’s. CSA programs at their core create a direct link between farms and people. One of the earliest CSA programs, and still operating today, was created on the Temple-Wilton Community Farm located in Wilton New Hampshire. We consider it a privilege to continue this New Hampshire tradition.

Our crops are picked at their peak, oftentimes within a day or two of when they are made available in our market or through our CSA. Our crops are nutrient rich and taste better as there is a short time between our harvest and your table. By purchasing our crops you help maintain our farm and your support is reinvested within our shared community. As a CSA member you will likely eat more servings of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as experience a greater variety of foods. You also help promote a safer food supply as the more steps that exist between you and your food, the higher the risk for contamination. Please check out the FAQ link for specific information on our CSA.

Here at Sweet Hill Farm we offer different CSA options to suit your specific needs. The Traditional Option, particularly over the Summer season is a long term commitment and may not be for everybody as the last thing we want is to create food waste. We suggest that anyone new to a CSA consider our Market Option, opt for the smaller share size or join the Traditional Option with a family member, friend or neighbor.

We are currently enrolling customers for our Winter and Spring CSA’s which starts January 2021 and runs for 21 weeks ending in May 2021. You can see here what we plan to grow and have available during these seasons.

One of the good things about our CSA program is that it is entirely on the honor system. We don’t look for up front payment as each week you merely login to your member account and submit your payment through our secure credit card processing system. If you have to miss a week you are not penalized. If you feel it more appropriate to shop every other week you can. You are also free to add anything we have available in the farm market to your weekly CSA. Our online system has real-time availability. For example if you want us to add cheese, some jam, crackers etc. we will gladly package this for you and have it ready along with your CSA share.

Our CSA program design is based on our own experience as CSA members and interviews with other farmers operating their own CSA programs. In our design we have tried to balance the resources available on the farm with the needs of our CSA members.